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This is the official page of The Glowing Dial radio show hosted by
Big John Matthews and Steve "Archive" Urbaniak.
Our good friends Stu and Greg have also been doing their part as fill-in co-hosts.

Here you will find information about Big John, Steve, Stu and Greg, new and archived episodes, the new Live episodes,
a Cafe Press online store, photos, contests, special links and more!
Utilize the menu at the left to access these areas.

Feel free to e-mail Big John at: 
e-mail Steve at: 

BIG NEWS: Our New Roku Channel is now available! 
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Important Announcement:  Bill Bragg's untimely passing has put me back in touch with his wife Kim who has said that she will keep on keepin' on with Yesterday USA Radio. It is a promise she made to Bill sometime ago. Kim asked Steve and I to do some "fill-in" shows for her to use when a volunteer DJ can't get their show in on time. These have turned into a regular spot on Yesterday USA! So, after an absence of about 18 years, The Glowing Dial is once again being heard on Yesterday USA Radio! The first of these shows has already aired! We intend to make these shows available in The Glowing Dial Archives after they have had their initial run on YUSA. Steve and I will keep on making these shows for YUSA in addition to our tri-weekly podcast. It's one way of helping her with the station. Another way is a donation, either one time or monthly. It can be as little as $5 or as much as you can afford. It all goes to keep YUSA on the air! Donation details are on their website along with program guides, streaming audio and much more. Click on the banner below to visit. Please do it now! While you're at it, send what you can to The Glowing Dial! The link is on our main page right below the menu.

I recently found the Yesterday USA Sunday Live Show from December 10, 1996. This is the show where the YUSA supporters voted for what would be the station's newest show. The Glowing Dial was in the running and won! This is an edited version of that live show with some of the folks calling that voted for our show. I hadn't heard this in years and it was bittersweet for me as Bill Bragg, YUSA's founder, passed away recently. I hope you'll enjoy it. It is pretty much the beginning of The Glowing Dial's tenure on Yesterday USA Radio.

The Glowing Dial LIVE
with Big John and Company
exclusively on Yesterday USA Radio 
Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 6pm to 10pm Eastern!

This will be our Sherlock Holmes Tribute!
We will be joined by Johnny and Helen Holmes of Radio Once More!

Click on Live Show for more information!


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